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SEAN CODY REVIEW 10★→Murray Rockets to Stardom with a Tenacious, Intense & Unreal Fuck of Randy That Will Go Down in Cody History

My Rating:

Rugged and intense ex-football player Murray makes his Sean Cody fuck debut with longtime Cody superstar, thick-dicked bodybuilder RandySunday soloist Murray, the intense, big-ish dick lad (above right) returns less than a week later for his very first Sean Cody bareback fuck scene.Rugged and intense ex-football player Murray makes his Sean Cody fuck debut with longtime Cody superstar, thick-dicked bodybuilder RandyAnd there beside him is everyone’s favorite versatile Cody model Randy, (over left) looking just as magnificent ever.C-pjp-murray-randy-SEANToo accommodate the newbie’s desire to top, Randy is rolling over and opening up his big butt for the fucking, too.D-pjp-murray-randy-SEANLevel of Enthusiasm: You know, kinda excited.

Scene Expectations: High. An excellent physical match and seemingly similar enough personalities coupled with Randy’s superb performance skills point to a good result, even before looking at the intense trailer below. The big unknown, of course, is Murray’s skill at fucking.

Expectations Met?: Light years beyond anything I could have expected.

Another Take: Check out Harlan’s view here at The Sword.

EAs the scene begins, an even more ripped Randy puts on a hot bod show in the park before we dissolve to kissing in the living room followed by Randy on his knees. We can see right away that the video is heavily saturated, rendering both guys bright reddish-orange.FNevertheless, Randy does his usual super job sucking cock, getting Murray rock hard enough that he’s soon fucking Randy doggie on the sofa. Rookie Murray nails his first initial penetration with flying colors.FRandy exaggerates the feeling he’s getting from Murray’s big dick, but only slightly, because that thing is far bigger than I thought just a few days ago. But for the overbearing color (let’s just stipulate that), it rocks, especially from above:HMurray’s technique and escalating dirty talk remind me of a slightly-less hyper Frankie. This is a good thing.IFlipping to missionary (above) does not in any way deter Murray from his fuck duties which soon elicit a big load out of our boy Randy (with an overhead shot revealing that he really was being fucked, t00):JMurray then bumps out his supersoaker all over Randy:KThen he licks it up all the way to Randy’s mouth before going down again and ATMng him and then back up for a cum kiss.

Holy shit. That was great. And we’re not even halfway through!LPart 2 finds Randy facedown on the bed in The Curtain Room, where Murray massages and then rims him to death. He does a solid job, though he needs to learn to lick and not flick his tongue. MA janky cut later and Murray is already fucking Randy in the same position. Keeping it real, Murray starts off slow here, then revs up by getting in a push-up position and pounding down into Randy. NHe stares down at Randy, too, with a mixture of scary menace, flaunting control and pure passion. In other words, he’s not detached from the action, he’s fully engaged. This, people, is what you want in a pornstar.OBoth then roll over for a side fuck. Here’s the thing: Despite the movement and Randy’s size, Murray does not fall out of his ass. Instead, he rolls and keeps fucking! All Randy can do is gird himself:PWhat follows is just as intense as you’d imagine from the look on Randy’s face. But it’s about to get even better!

A fully-hard Randy then hops on cowboy style. What we see here is simply breathtaking:QMurray even manages mid-fuck to rise up and suck Randy’s dick while still fucking him!RThe whole thing is glorious.SBut wait. There’s even more amazement to come. Murray starts jerking Randy off while fucking him as in the photo above. He then completely jerks Randy off while bending forward and pumping Randy’s load into his open-tongued mouth! (I believe he’s also still fucking him, too, but I could be wrong about that. But I’m totally not.)

That is something I’ve never seen anyone do. And I’ve been in this business for 16 years.

Murray pulls out of Randy and cums, too, though it may have taken him awhile. No matter.

My only concern about this scene is whether it’s a lightning in the bottle combo we won’t see repeated. But I think Murray is so damn good at this that won’t be an issue.

Whew. What a way to debut.

The Behind-the-Scenes is long and unworthy of your attention. It’s basically Mr. Muffles in his flat, monotone, disinterested voice asking the guys over and over how good a scene it was. Skip it.

Go here for Murray’s Sunday solo. Then jump here for Randy’s giant scene list.

1-murray-randy-SEANRugged and intense ex-football player Murray makes his Sean Cody fuck debut with longtime Cody superstar, thick-dicked bodybuilder Randy.

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  1. Mysam says:

    John, when you overrated a scene, you over a scene. It really wasn’t as good as youre making it out to be, and Murray topping, left a lot to be desired. Randy literally made the scene, Murray was a human dildo with a pulse. You seem to overrated mediocre scenes, underrate good scenes. Seriously hard to take your opinion seriously. Lol

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