Record Of The Day: Eurythmics – Revenge

I vividly remember the day I walked into the record store at the Charlottetown Mall in Prince Edward Island where I lived as

Making Prison Bitch

Spent last week shooting a new Fetish Force movie with Trenton that we’re calling Prison Bitch. This is gonna

Gay Daddy Bear Invasion of Disneyland

Grabbed some friends, put on my ears and went to the happiest place on earth.

Also, if your dick is green and looks like a cucumber, you may have a fungal infection.

Like, seriously… he brought the cucumber to the doctor to show him. Doesn’t anyone take dick selfies anymore? I mean… if I

Devin and Trenton do the Prison Bitch Dance


Record Of The Day: Donna Summer’s Bad Girls

She was the biggest woman in music at thetime. The queen of disco. The role model for a generation of women and gay

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Daddy AGAIN?

Ok so… this is one of the hottest scenes of the year. Wesley Woods playing a dumb redneck and Jack Dixon

Put Your Finger In My Butt

It’s been a long time since I first posted this here and with some older posts disappearing over the years it’s time

Titanmen’s Double Barrel

THIS is a classic for sure… Titanmen’s Double Barrel was the down and dirty forest ranger, hunter and lumberjack fantasy the we all

Record Of The Day: Good Stuff by the B-52’s

They’d been the crazy lives of the party for over a decade. College radio and new wave clubs played them nonstop, but

Christian Matthews

After we shot his fetish video, I shot a few stills of Christian Matthews just for fun.

Power Tops #1

Seems like almost every week we get a new release from Class Comics. I devour these like candy… hot men, fun stories, excellent

Just Finished Cutting This Upcoming Scene with Nic Sahara and Dakota Payne

Anthony Duran was the guy who encouraged me to move on from my safe job at Jake Cruise and try to get a

Marco Blaze and François Sagat….

Check out this very fun, long-lost behind-the-scenes clip from the Titanmen movie Overdrive.

Click Here to see the full

GayDailyHot Exclusive: DJ Xhristian Jerk Off Video

Here’s another cool fetish video I directed for the upcoming Mr. Regiment 2020 contest (which is TONIGHT at the EagleLA in Los

GayDailyHot Exclusive… Christian Matthews Fetish Video

Had a great time last night shooting this rather fun fetish JO video starring Christian Matthews which we shot

Nick Fitt is engaged.

Nick Fitt just announced his engagement on Twitter. Such a sweet guy. I wish them all the best.

Archie, The B-52’s and the triumphant return of Ricky Wilson.

I’m so excited I’m literally crying. The B-52s were a band that gave me my first real identity. They dressed cool and

Coming soon… LA Love Stories from Trenton Ducati

Just finishing editing the trailer for the next TrentonDucati DVD release LA Love Stories. This has a pretty killer cast. Trenton is

Arad Winwin Does The Dick Dance

While we were shooting the new Falcon movie with Tony DiMarco directing, I got a few minutes alone with


While making an up-coming Hot House movie. Ryan Rose stands just off screen and Devin Franco delivers the final line

Blast From The Past…

Ok so first thing… yes, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much.. that’s changing now. Been trying to deal with a lot


The Stars Align for William Seed and Sean Peek

William Seed seems to get more and more handsome with each scene he does. That body alone is stunning

Copperhead Canyon. My FAVORITE Titanmen Movie and that’s saying a lot.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve wanked off to this movie. A few hundred at least.

Don’t Try This At Home.

OK so… the “running butthole challenge” is funny and vaguely hot…

But do NOT try this at home. If you jump ass


Cheesy Music aside… This works…Also… welcome back Gabriel Clark after two years away

Breaking from their “men in suits all the time” brother site MenAtPlay, the production team from Pinstripe bring you

Lucas 11-Man Orgy

It’s been a while since this one came out but I figured it was worth looking at again…

Michael Lucas brings us an

Argos And Colton RAW

So let’s get the big news out of the way first… Chaos Men is 50% OFF right now. Don’t

SEAN CODY ADVANCE SNEAK PEEK→Archie Returns to Fuck Ray, the Second Newbie This Week

Fan fave Archie (above right), last seen with Ayden nearly six months ago, returns

Sean Ford & Küper Bareback in the Wild in this Romantic Cockyboys Scene

Cutie Sean Ford and sexy-AF hunk Küper (right to left above) play-fuck in the Pennsylvania woods in

Andrey Vic & Jeffrey Lloyd Soak Drake Rogers with Sweat and Cum

Ukrainian stud Andrey Vic, Czech hung hunk Jeffrey Lloyd and American cute-AF hottie Drake Rogers (left to



Robbie fucks Ayden with ALL 9″

Robbie and Ayden start this one out playing a bit of one of those card games where they ask

Sean Cody Review: Archie FINALLY gets his hairy ass fucked by Asher!

Some scenes start with a high end opening with drone shots and a lot of setup. This one has the two guys playing

Randy & Cam at Sean Cody

Maybe it’s not quite fair to compare the new offering from Sean Cody to the door-blown-off debut last week


The Stars Align for William Seed and Sean Peek

William Seed seems to get more and more handsome with each scene he does. That body alone is stunning

Don’t Try This At Home.

OK so… the “running butthole challenge” is funny and vaguely hot…

But do NOT try this at home. If you jump ass

So do we call this “Saved By The Balls?”

ok I’ll just come out and admit it… sometimes when you have a porn scene to shoot and you have no idea what