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Derek’s Wood Work

Derek’s Wood Work »

Now this is what sexy-adorable looks like!

New Next Door

Shark Attack!

Shark Attack! »

Blond Brian Jovovich (above right) and Tim Campbell (left) like fishing so much they managed to

The (Bareback) Painting Party

The (Bareback) Painting Party »

Marcus Isaacs (below left) chose his painting crew based on their looks, so he knows he can


Goldfinger »

Sean Cody's Dusty is a blond, blue-eyed gorgeous hunk of a young guy with nice arms, a broad smile, and a tendency to finger himself to death when he's trying to cum! - Read more...

Re-Print: Here’s the Best Cocksucking Scene in Porn History. And It’s Only 2 Months Old.

Re-Print: Here’s the Best Cocksucking Scene in Porn History. And It’s Only 2 Months Old. »

My Rating:

[I’m “reprinting” this reader favorite post from February since I talk about it a lot in this new

Vander Sucks Sage Dry

Vander Sucks Sage Dry » veteran Vander (above right), always a terrific performer, gives fellow Chaos star Shiloh

Make Love, Not War

Make Love, Not War »

Travis James and Ethan Cruz are cage fighters who'd rather fuck than fight. - Read more...

Poker Facial

Poker Facial »

In Men At Play's The Upper Hand, Scott Hunter is stripped bare for having the losing hand and no money to pay his debt to Billy Santoro and Denis Vega. - Read more...

Spring Fever, Bitches!

Spring Fever, Bitches! »

Lane Larson and Donny Forza make their debut in the Part 1 of Spring Fever. - Read more...

Hitting the Jackpot

Hitting the Jackpot »

It's now a firm Sean Cody tradition that when musclebound Stu comes to the set, he's got to show off his (inevitably) bigger biceps. As you can see below, this time was no exception, thank God. - Read more...

The Darker Side of Duncan Black

The Darker Side of Duncan Black »

I should have said this long ago. As adorable as Duncan Black (above left) was without

Do You Know Jack?

Do You Know Jack? »

Jack Harrer (above left) and Phillipe Gaudin (right), two young guys with