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GDHN Exclusive: Sean Cody Cuts Solos to Twice a Month

BRYYou may have noticed that though this is the time of the week when I routinely review Sean Cody’s new soloists, I have posted nothing.

That’s because Sean Cody has decided to feature approximately two solos per month from now on instead of a new model every week.964_02According to the company, it wants to feature only top-notch solo models. In the company’s words, “Only the best will go on the site.”  Therefore, rather than focus on filling a spot every week, Cody said it will use its resources to find “better” models rather than finding “enough” models to fulfill a weekly quota.14-1Essentially, this means that only models who have a likelihood (my words, not theirs) of later appearing in action scenes will actually do solos, which it is again estimating to be about twice a month.

More on this if and when it develops.01-1

Comments (3)

  1. Peter says:

    They need to cast an orgy of all the models you used on this page.

  2. JJ says:

    but what’s going to happen on Mondays? Are we not getting any updates or are we getting hardcore updates instead? If this means we’re getting hardcore update on some Mondays too then I’m liking it!

    • John Tegan says:

      I think that there will be no scenes on Mondays unless there’s a solo. Adding another hardcore scene is way too expensive I would imagine.

      UPDATE: Cody has confirmed that there will be no additional scenes on Mondays beyond solos.

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