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Stuck in Detention, Beefy Darin Silvers Exacts Discipline on Justin Matthews’ Sweet Ass

A-pjp-darin-justin-BDAS-MENLooking as fine as ever, Justin Matthews (above), former Sean Cody model Taylor, gets himself into trouble in the classroom – in more ways than one.B-pjp-darin-justin-BDAS-MENFirst, he does something bad to get himself thrown into detention. Once there, he makes another mistake by telling fellow “detainee”, the beefy Darin Silvers (above left), what he’s in for.C-pjp-darin-justin-BDAS-MEN’s all Darin needs to exact what Darin thinks is a more proper punishment – a good whack on the ass with his belt.

That, of course, leads to far more “trouble” for Justin, but this time, he enjoys it! Watch below.

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The in the school detention room, big boy Darin Silvers spanks fellow student Justin Matthews so hard and so well the two end up fucking right on the teacher's desk.

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