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Just What Is JustForFans & What’s In It For You?

It doesn’t take more than a quick glance at Twitter to realize that JustForFans is what all of the cool kids are doing these both porn fans and porn stars. But just what is it anyway?

First, it was OnlyFans. Then IWantClips joined the “porn star generated content” content revolution.

But JustForFans (JFF) has emerged as the big new kid on the block. And they are doing things their own way and quite often your way.

JFF is gay owned and operated and able to navigate the world’s amateurs, professionals, studios, and fans better than most because it was designed by someone who is all of the above, Dominic Ford of

The Sword & GayDailyHot had a chance to sit down with Dominic Ford and talk about how the site came to be, how the studios feel about, how it benefits both the fans and the performers, and what is in the pipeline.

The Sword/GDH: Why create a site like this?
Dominic Ford/JustForFans: For the ten years I have been in the industry, there has always been one thing I have not liked: models don’t have recurring income from their work. It has been a goal of mine to somehow solve that. And with JustFor.Fans, I finally have a platform where models can make a legitimate, sustainable income. There are many models on JFF who tell me I am now their sole source of income.

I am not stopping there, however. My other goal is to provide US models with healthcare. I am currently working with underwriters to create a program where JFF models get the benefits of group health care. In parallel, I am working with the Free Speech Coalition. I want to make sure I provide for my models so they don’t have to take jobs outside the industry just to get affordable health care. This is a huge issue for me, and one I think we are close to solving with the FSC.

What the chief thing you felt was missing from the other performer-generated such as OnlyFans and IWantClips that led you to create JustForFans.

My goal is to create one robust platform with every way possible a model can make money. All under one roof with one payment structure, one tax form at the end of the year, and the only place a model needs to upload content to take advantage, instead of uploading content to five different sites. I also felt like the existing platforms were slow, poorly designed and not fun to use. I knew I could create a better user experience both for models and subscribers.

How is JustForFans a better choice for models to display their clips?
Our feature set is vast. We auto-generated movie previews, post them for you on Twitter and Tumblr and even let you assign your own previews to movies if you would like to do that. Our site can stream over AirPlay or GooglePlay, and was built to work flawlessly and quickly on phones, which is most of our traffic.

Have you encountered any pushback from the studios?

When I built JFF, I was very careful not to repeat the mistakes of my competitors. I built in a system that includes ways for studios, photographers, and agents to all make money from the site. Studios are not afraid of us. In fact, they are signing up their exclusive models to JFF. The studio gets its own page that lists all of the models. The models make extra money, and so does the studio. Everyone wins. We have tons of studios interested in working with us, and they have their own tab on the Explore page.

Is JustForFans a direct competitor or a compliment to “traditional” gay porn?

As a studio owner, I have seen for years that user-generated content was always deemed more interesting to consumers. This typically meant people uploading their home movies to XTube. Now it means these “fan” sites. Just as a camcorder and home movies did not replace studio blockbusters, fan sites will not replace studios. However, studios should see what kind of content is selling and adapt their style to match consumer demand. And it has been true for years that consumer demand right now is for something more authentic and voyeuristic than was we traditionally see in studio porn.

On JustForFans, how many are “professionals” and how many are like-minded amateurs?
I would say it’s about 60/40 in favor of amateurs. And they make a lot of money because they don’t exist anywhere else. Porn stars do well, don’t get me wrong, but there are a million places you can see their work. Porn stars who really let us peer into their private sex lives do well. That’s what these sites are: a way for us to be devoted fans to porn stars and amateurs and peer into their lives – sex or otherwise.

What features are your most proud of and what is in the works for JustForFans as you continue to develop it?
JFF has so many cool features. You can text a post (along with photos or video) right to your page without ever going to the website. You can share footage with your co-start right on the site so you can post it. You can tag videos by category so users can easily search for what they are looking for. We also have a full store where models can sell clothing, SnapChat memberships, skype shows, etc…

Most models also have a JFF phone number that subscribers can text and talk directly with the models. They can text and swap private photos and videos (for a fee). This is very unique on the gay side of the industry and a super cool way to get up close and personal with your favorite stars.

Since I am the developer, I add new features constantly. Just last night I added the ability for members to browse models based on how frequently models update their pages. That way users can see what models have the most content and are worth paying for. Eventually, I will be adding Live Cams to the site. I am adding tons of features for models to help market themselves and understand what is working or not working on their pages.

For example, we have lots of ways for users to discover new models on JFF. The Explore page lets them browse models. The “New Previews page” lets users watch all the new previews on the site. And the @JFFMen twitter feed reposts EVERY new post on the site (for men). Not only do these features greatly increase the number of subscribers each model gets (versus what they would just get directly from their own social media posts), we track all of these tools through to subscription, and make that information available to models. So they can see exactly where their sales are coming from.

So bottom line for us: JFF is the best choice for performer generated content because …
JFF is the best choice for consumer generated content because of the selection we have, the ability to find what you are looking for, a gay-owned and operated platform, and it benefits not just one aspect of the industry, but all. From consumer to models and the studios in between, JFF is a place where everyone gets what they need and what they want. Plus, we have over 1000 verified male models currently active.

Just a few faces, and cocks and asses, you may know on JFF include …Woddy Fox, Gabriel Cross, Rocco Steele, and Griffin Barrows.

The Sword & GayDailyHot would like to thank Dominic Ford for his time.


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