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Just How Slutty Is ‘The Slutty Professor’?

When the professor is also known as Ace Era who features “fuck me” emblazoned on his ass, as Dave Slick and Tyler Roberts find out, “how slutty” is sluttier than could have possibly believed.

In the opening scene for “The Slutty Professor” from NakedSword Originals, JJ Knight and Danny Montero showed us that overactive hormones are not limited to the faculty.

Last week, it was Bruce Beckham and Justin Brody who demonstrated the importance of after-hours cramming between teacher and student.

ace era tyler roberts dave slick gay pornToday, thanks to both desperation and a triumph of science, nerdy Professor Kelp (Ace Era) is transformed into “The Slutty Professor” and this college town may never be the same.
ace era tyler roberts dave slick gay pornSeething with unleashed, raw sexual energy, Buddy’s first stop is the local gay bar where he meets Ty Roberts and Dave Slick, two horny college dudes who can’t wait to get a piece of “the Slutty Professor” in the VIP room.
ace era tyler roberts dave slick gay pornThere was no odd man out here. Love tunnels are formed around cocks and holes are eaten in a sexual frenzy that only dials up the lust. Not a hole, or a pole, or a minute from any of our men go to waste.
ace era tyler roberts dave slick gay pornFinally able to put his desires where they will finally be realized, Buddy Fuck lives up to his name. And his ink.
ace era tyler roberts dave slick gay pornOnce Tyler has his fill of Buddy Fuck, it’s Dave who finds himself as the Lucky Pierre with Buddy Fuck doing the plunging. As he’s fucking away, Tyler pulls his cock from Dave’s mouth and unloads all over Dave and Buddy. Dave’s load is next and snacked up by Buddy. Now it’s Buddy’s turn and he feeds his pent-up load onto the hungry tongues of Tyler and Dave before a triple snowball seals the deal.

So just how slutty is “The Slutty Professor”? I have a feeling, we don’t know the half of it yet.

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