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S̶e̶x̶ Max In The City

Seth Santoro has never been so hot. Max Adonis is all twunked up. With their metamorphosis complete, today they cum together on an even playing field of mutual lust.

The frown of seeing “Zack & Jack Make A Porno” wrap up last week has been turned upside down by a new arrival.

“Max In The City”, the latest from Falcon and also directed by the award-winning Tony Dimarco premiers today.

“Max in the City” is a sex-filled romp that examines the sex lives of a group of hung, San Francisco studs. And not just any studs …
gay porn star max adonisIn addition to leading man Max Adonis“>Max Adonis are Falcon Exclusives Skyy Knox & Dave Slick as well as an A-list cast starring Seth Santoro, Roman Todd, Lucas Leon, Tyler Roberts, and Cade Maddox.

And it all starts right here …
gay porn star max adonisJust take look them. No wonder Seth Santoro and Max Adonis literally flipped for each other. Individually and especially together, they have never looked better.”

gay porn star max adonis“Max Adonis moves to San Francisco. Upon his arrival, first on Max’s list is visiting his buddy, Seth Santoro, who he hasn’t seen since they went to high school together 10 years ago. As they reminisce about what might have been, they start making out and soon their clothes are in a pile on the floor.”

gay porn star max adonisWith an ass this muscled and a hole that beckoning, Max was powerless not to partake of the goodness inside.

gay porn star max adonisAll slicked up and trembling with desire, Max slides deeply into the hole he’s waited ten years to fuck.

gay porn star max adonisAnd that’s not all he’s waited for. This joyride on Seth’s cock has also been a decade in the making.

gay porn star max adonisFlipping Max on his back, Seth continues to pound away until Max blasts his load first and almost simultaneously, Seth explodes leaving Max a sweaty, happy, cum-covered mess.

[Watch Max & Seth in “Max In The City” scene one at Falcon]


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