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SEAN CODY REVIEW 5★→Jax & Brysen Cook Up a 6 Course Sex Meal of the Gods, Creampies & Facials & All!

My Rating:

Super top meets super power bottom as ginger Jax fucks hungry bottom Brysen in this intense, all star Sean Cody bareback fuck sceneYes. Yes. Yes!Super top meets super power bottom as ginger Jax fucks hungry bottom Brysen in this intense, all star Sean Cody bareback fuck sceneRising Sean Cody star Jax (above left) meets superstar Brysen (right) in this brand new all star bareback scene.C-pjp-jz-brysen-SEANIt’s a combo you had to see coming, really, but I didn’t expect it this soon. Praise be.D-pjp-jz-brysen-SEANLevel of Enthusiasm: Way, way up there. Jax can do no wrong! Brysen can do no wrong!

Scene Expectations: High. A solid physical match and very similar personalities along with superior performing skills should yield a winning scene here and possibly even an epic one.

Expectations Met?: Way beyond even.

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In Cody’s Words:

Brysen has been hitting the squat rack hard – and it shows! Jax couldn’t help but stare at Brysen’s big muscle ass. “I hope there’s enough booty there to take that fucking hog you’re hiding in your pants”, Brysen said. Jax was very confident it would fit. “I think you’ve got plenty of ass for me”, he said. “I’m gonna fucking ride that dick harder that you’ve ever had it rode in your life”, proclaimed Brysen. There’s no dick too big for him!

In My Words:

From the moment the camera rolls on these two on the lawn, they are all over each other, grabbin’, talkin’ dirty and ready to f-u-c-k. For me (and probably you, too), it’s not only highly entertaining, it’s also as refreshing as fuck after watching porn scenes day after day with models who just couldn’t give a shit about what they’re doing.E-pjp-jz-brysen-SEANBecause of the friskiness, the guys soon move inside the Cody Mansion but can only make it a few feet before sexual pandemonium breaks out. So here, right in foyer and right on the grand winding staircase (which I believe we’ve only seen a mere glimpse of before), it begins.

1Brysen chows down on Jax’s big meat so fantastically you’d swear he was sucking your dick. It doesn’t last long enough but we’ve got bigger fish to fry here. Jax fingers Brysen on the staircase railing before he starts pounding.1Now this part, too, is brief, but that’s just because it’s a grand (staircase) table setter. It’s way too hard for either guy to sustain here on a wrought iron railing though if any guys could do it, these two could. Nothing wrong with an appetizer, though.3Soon, Jax is sitting on the stairs and Brysen is riding reverse cowboy. It’s here that I breathe an audible sigh of relief, knowing that tonight, we’re in for a treat, not a defeat. Meanwhile, back on the stairs, a frenzied ballet of raucous fucking is happening, with the guys in perfect sync, so much so that Brysen soon erupts with cum all over the stairs. 4Jax follows, himself pulling off a semi-creampie to finish off the meal.5But these two are just getting started, so up the fuck down staircase they go for Part 2.6Inside the Blue-Plum Room, Brysen sucks on Jax again because we simply did not get enough of that in Part 1. Here, we gorge on it.7But there’s only so much oral an ass-centric guy like Jax can take before the big-dicked ginger top is bending over Brysen and fucking him doggie. Indeed, Jax actually fucks so hard and deep I think evern Brysen was having a tough time taking it.8As we are about to learn, however, this is not the end but just another course in the sex meal, as Jax pulls out and fills Brysen’s face and mouth with cum.9So onto the second half of Part 2 we go, with a sweet edit that jumps us right into Jax penetrating Brysen on the Ottoman of Love. Once again, the guys are in perfect sync, with Jax grinding and Brysen undulating. Our “NO LIMITS SOLDIER”not only chokes Brysen here, but smacks him hard across the face. Twice in a row, once on either side of the face.10That only allows Jax to egg himself on more, double downing on the hard fucking until Brysen cums a sweet messy load. Jax then just cums away deep inside Brysen’s ass, giving us the full creampie we were looking for. The result is a thing of beauty (despite the dual-cameras attempts to mess it up):11There. Is. Still. More!

Part 3 opens with a frenzy of kissing that leads into another doggie fuck, this time on the ottoman which itself turns into a bent over cowboy/doggie combo thingy.12It’s a little odd and the guys appear tired as fuck, but Jax manages another shot into Brysen’s mouth that leaves our wrestling buddy weary but satisfied:13Kinda like me.

The Behind-the-Scenes is brief and highly watchable.

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Super top meets super power bottom as ginger Jax fucks hungry bottom Brysen in this intense, all star Sean Cody bareback fuck scene

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  1. Peter says:

    Oh hell yes! Still not redoing my membership.

  2. Peter says:

    What exactly is it about Sean Cody that keeps the gay porn community so focused on them? Is it supposed to be the best gay porn amateur site? Is that it? I guess studio porn is far more professional, in that the performers are always on their game, but SC and other amateur studios have their share of g4p performers or other problems.

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