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Woody Fox Makes Skyy Knox The Luckiest Man On The Planet

Woody Fox may be the sexiest man on the planet. In today’s finale of “Zack & Jack Make A Porno”, Skyy Knox may be the luckiest man on the planet: he has Woody all to himself.

From our sneak peek last month to the official blooper reel posted yesterday, there’s hasn’t been one frame of “Zack & Jack Make A Porno” that didn’t make your dick rise.

If it wasn’t doing that, it was tickling your funny bone in scene after scene after scene after scene.

A great script, awesome direction, and a suburb cast of the blue screen’s best have made this an “instant” classic in porn land.

And today’s finale with Woody Fox and Skyy Knox is going going to cement that legacy.

woody fox fucks skyy knox gay porn“Skyy Knox has left the set after a dispute with another performer and when Zack (Woody Fox) chases him down to console him, the comfort quickly turns to lust as the two lock eyes and start making out. Skyy’s towel quickly drops to the floor and Zack’s pants are soon to follow as Skyy goes in for a taste of what his producer has to offer.”

woody fox fucks skyy knox gay pornNo matter where you look today, everything is mouthwatering.

woody fox fucks skyy knox gay pornSoon Skyy is begging for Zack’s dick up his ass. Zack slides his dick into Skyy, going slowly at first and building up to a frenzied fuck that still has Skyy wanting it harder and faster.

woody fox fucks skyy knox gay pornSkyy hops on to finish himself off as Zack relentlessly fucks up into him. With Zack jackhammering him from below, Skyy blows his load all over his own cut abs. Still hungry, he hops off Zack’s cock to take a massive facial and once he’s scarfed down every drop, it’s time for a reluctant wrap to “Zack & Jack Make A Porno”.

[Watch Skyy & Woody in “Zack & Jack Make A Porno” scene five at Falcon]

There’s no part of this not worthy of fapping to …
woody fox fucks skyy knox gay porn

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