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WYOMING GETAWAY #5 REVIEW 4★→Down at the Twist & Shout, One Cumshot is Left Out

My Rating:

In the finale of Sean Cody’s Wyoming Getaway, our six horny, muscular dudes from Scene 4 continue their orgy.This time, though, the guys head indoors, away from snow, ice and the very distractingly beautiful mountain ranges of Wyoming.Level of Enthusiasm: Upbeat about it. You?

Scene Expectations: Moderately high. The Six did a terrific job in the first part of this scene on Thursday, with only the crew messing up.

Expectations Met?: TBD.

Just a few seconds of drone footage and we’re in (a strangely small) bedroom where the guys mix and match oral and rimming. They are loud and rambunctious. Lane becomes the focus, because: Duh.At this point, we’re six minutes in. And while I appreciate the go-get-’em attitude the guys have, the moaning and dirty talk is instantly too intense too early on. Lane’s is the loudest and most frequently heard voice, even when he’s not central to the action. (“Somebody come here”, he demands at one point, trying to match the action to his loud dirty talk to no one.) The problem isn’t that the action is bad; it’s just not as good as the talk would indicate. No one should ever really be shouting about how fantastic a blowjob is as Jack and Dillan (?) do here.

I doubt this will shock you, but this is a directing mistake, not a model mistake. With no ramping up, there’s no where to go later but down. On the filming side, however, so far so good. The camera is moving around nicely and we’ve yet to see any real glitches. But we’ve yet to have any fucking.

First up in the fuck parade are three simultaneous reverse cowboy rides: Asher on Malcolm, Deacon on Jack and Lane on Dillan. Squeezing six guys together , which I would have thought would be difficult, actually works well:We then move to missionary with the same pairings until the magical rotation kicks in. Jack is doing his usual terrific job here, followed by Malcolm. ON the other side of the spectrum, as noted in the bullet points, Dillan and Lane are just plain off-the-charts unhinged.

Now and again, focus issues rear their ugly, obscuring heads here. I can’t emphasize enough how this should never happen. If I ever saw footage of mine out of focus – and I surely did – it would never make the final cut. Here, it’s dessert!

The missionary positions take a back seat when Dillan opens up a pile driver on Deacon and announces he’s about to cum. Everyone (rightly) stops what they’re doing and gathers ’round: He sprays Deacon’s hole with cum one and immediately licks it up as the others look on with envy (for both!) It’s the high point of the scene because, for the first time in 25+ minutes, it feels spontaneous and naturally urgent and looks super hot.

Each guy takes his turn, then departs. Lane follows up with a gigantic spray on Deacon, followed by Malcolm, though cuts abound. Malcolm’s load though is particularly impressive:That leaves us with Jack to douse Deacon with his jizz with Asher impressively following suit with a near-simultaneous shot. Jack then departs, leaving happy couple Asher and Deacon alone for Deacon’s finish . . . which incredibly never happens! That’s right: After getting five loads sprayed onto him, Deacon simply does not cum.

So much for the fairy tale ending I was writing in my head.

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