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Jason Vario Finally Gets Fucked

Finally seeing Jason get plowed when he and Daymin Voss trade fucks today may just be some of the best Thanksgiving stuffing of the holiday weekend.

If you are presented with a wishbone tomorrow, you can think of something else to ask for as Daymin Voss proves something we’ve wanted visual confirmation on for oh, so long: Jason Vario’s incredible ass is not just decorative after all.

jason vario daymin voss flip fuck“I’ve always looked up to you like a big brother,” says Daymin. “There’s nothing wrong with a little brotherly love,” replies Jason. And in this second scene from “Big Brother” from TitanMen, a whole lot of brotherly love is going down. And up. And in. For everyone.

jason vario daymin voss flip fuckWhile Jason gets a handle on things, Daymin gets his face fucked.

jason vario daymin voss flip fuckOnly after both Dayim and Jason have turned other’s bodies into a veritable Thanksgiving banquet, things follow along as we would expect them to. Initially, that is.

jason vario daymin voss flip fuckThen what to my wondering eyes would appear, but one Jason Vario taking it right up his rear.

[Watch Jason & Daymin in “Big Brother” scene two at TitanMen]

***Hi guys. My name is Harlan Yaffe. I am the editor of but my more important role today is being a friend to the editor if this blog, John Tegan. John is recovering from some minor surgery and I’m charged with the laudable task of keeping things going around here until he returns later this week. So if you will all bear with me, I’ll try diligently not to screw things up too badly in his absence.

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