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And Now, Under The Big Top …

Steve Skarsgaard gets a major promotion at BelAmi as they unveil him as a top complete with Andrei Karenin’s perfect body as his entrance-maker.

We first met Steve Skarsgaard at the beginning of the year with the new and instantly popular model at BelAmi High School … aka with Hoyt Kogan taking him for a test drive.

Today, he’s the one doing the driving with one of the sexiest passengers riding his shotgun.

Andrei Karenin’s physique has to rate in our top 10 of all time,” writes BelAmi, so he seemed like the perfect match for aspiring model Steve Skarsgaard.”

Though the truth is, Andrei Karenin would make anyone a perfect match. Steve Skarsgaard, you are already one lucky fucker.

gay porn star steve skarsgaardThis is Steve’s first scene that he filmed with us at BelAmi proper. And his first as a top. When he is chatting with Andrei he admits to being quite nervous the first time around as having sex in front of a camera is very different than having sex for fun,” BelAmi adds. Judging by his performance, however, the chance to get into Andrei Karenin got him over the jitters and right into heaven.

gay porn star steve skarsgaardThe usual suck and rim-a-thon is augmented today by a mesmerizing sight: Andrei & Steve sword fighting.

gay porn star steve skarsgaardToday wasn’t a choice of primal or passionate. It was both from the first fame to the last.

gay porn star steve skarsgaardAll’s well that ends well. Andrei got creamed. Steve got a facial. And BelAmi got themselves a new, hot top in their stable. Steve, welcome to the family.

[Watch Andrei & Steve in “Freshmen Tuesday”]

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