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Redux: HOTT Man #235: Meet Jimmy Garappolo, The Hunk Behind the Hunk

A-pjp-jimmy-garappolo-HOTT[The New England Patriots traded backup quarterback Jimmy Garappolo today to the San Francisco Giants. Here’s my May 14, 2015 profile of the NE hunk:]

As a Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots fan, I have been aghast and pissed off about the four game suspension handed out to quarterback Tom Brady (whom I profiled most recently here.)

Now that I’ve seen his likely replacement, I’m thinking Tom should just be suspended for the whole season*.B-pjp-jimmy-garappolo-HOTTMeet 23 year old mega-hunk Jimmy Garappolo, a dark haired, handsome Illinois native who was the Patriots’ second round draft pick in 2014.C-pjp-jimmy-garappolo-HOTTAs the Patriots’ backup QB, Jimmy of course has been in the background while Brady had yet another spectacular year that ended with the Championship.D-pjp-jimmy-garappolo-HOTTBut with the suspension (which Brady today appealed), the 6’3″, 225  hunk is sure to get at least some time in the spotlight next season.

Though he did have a great college career, Jimmy’s yet to be tested in the NFL. But have you ever seen a guy who looks more the part?

Get physically intimate below with HOTT Man #235, N.E. Patriots backupstarting quarterback Jimmy Garappolo.

Extra special thanks to Zach Sire at for introducing us to Jimmy.

*I’m joking. But then again . . . 

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  1. kevin says:

    If he’d been traded to the NY Giants as Eli’s replacement I’d have cum in my cup!

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