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SNEAK PEEK→Jeremy Spreadums Gets ‘Jaxxed’ in Jasun Mark’s ‘LA Cruising’

Director Jasun Mark switches it up on us in his brand new series LA Cruising.This time we are on the mean (and horny) streets of LA, where big-assed Jeremy Spreadums (above) bumps into big-dicked Tristan Jaxx (below).A pause, a smile and a kiss later, we’re inside with these two muscle dudes – one hairy, one not – as they waste no time getting to it in LA’s Koreatown.

Indeed, Jasun tells us just that in his description of the series’ theme:

This movie was all shot in different neighborhoods around Los Angeles. We had some fun showing off the areas, but what we wanted to mostly show is that dynamic when you see a guy you really wanna fuck right away and you find a place, ANY place, to do it. It’s that bad-ass L.A. boy thing: You see something, you want, you just go get it.

Get in on the action below from Scene 1, debuting first thing Wednesday.

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