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REVIEW 2½☆→Big-Dicked Peyton’s Solo Debut is a Snoozefest

Dark haired West CoastSeattle dude Peyton, 22, finds his place this weekend as Sean Cody’s newest solo guy.This big-dicked guy enjoys playing with balls, too. Namely, soccer balls.

In the opening interview, Peyton plays coy by telling us his three favorite porn-searching categories*, all of which would apply (shockingly!) to both woman and men. It’s almost like he was coached and shit. By the way, they are (1) big asses (2) redheads and (3) creampies. And that my friends is about the highlight! While a perfectly good looking guy, Peyton is as dry as toast on screen, exhibiting no on-camera charm while jerking off (though he does produce a lot of sperm).Ass fans out there who often (rightly) complain that Cody never shows butt will be pleased with the nearly four solid minutes of airtime for Peyton’s rear. The rest of us will just shrug and wonder why.

Another Take: 

Here’s what Harlan at The Sword thinks.

Odds of Returning:  I’m going with 2½% because this writer’s gaydar showed no signs of life watching Peyton.

*I half expected him to plug Sean Cody sibling PornHub because the gods of cross-promotion need to be fed, people.

Comments (2)

  1. Zane McGuire says:

    Part of the problem with them constantly going after guys in their early 20s is that they often have ZERO charisma or sexual energy. Can’t they throw us a bone now and then with a guy in his early 30s? Someone who knows how to show off and play to the camera a bit?

    • Peter says:

      The problem with your viewpoint (which I share btw) is that their loyal fans have begun to age. Originally the motif was young, probably straight guys jacking off as fantasy for us gay guys. Now
      we can see practically all men, gay or straight, naked and cumming; but they are sticking to the same plan because it is still sort of a taboo.

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