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Why is Ashton McKay on ChaosMen?

a-pjp-ashton-chaosAshton McKay, Bromo and’s super sexy and very popular model, pops up on ChaosMen this week.
b-pjp-ashton-chaosAs usual, he looks fan-fucking-tastic.
c-pjp-ashton-chaosThe question is: What the hell is he doing? Just at the moment when he could cash in on his popularity to get a steady gig with a bigger site, it seems he’s going backwards. That’s no knock on Chaos; it’s just that it’s a starter site for many pornstars.

Here’s hoping we get the best of all worlds, and he ends up doing both Chaos and bigger name sites.


Comments (2)

  1. Gean says:

    Then read the description of his scene on the site. You’ll understand that he shot this before moving on to Men.

    • John Tegan says:

      I DID read it and that’s certainly a possibility but it’s by no means clear. I hope you’re right.

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