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Ex_Machina 1: Griffin Barrows Stars in a Cool, Slick-Looking New MEN Parody

a-pjp-jessy-griffin-menAlter Sin and step in to the cooler* world of science fiction today in their brand-new, super slick looking four part parody Ex_Machina.
b-pjp-jessy-griffin-menGriffin Barrows (above) stars in the Domhnall Gleeson role of the movie as a programmer hired to participate in an artificial intelligence experiment with a famous high tech eccentric.
c-pjp-jessy-griffin-menJessy Ares (above left) plays that eccentric in the role masterfully (and terrifyingly) played in the movie by Oscar Isaac.
d-pjp-jessy-griffin-menWhile the whole series will roll out over December, this scene and Scene 2 debut one after another this week, with Scene 2 featuring the sizzling combo of Paddy O’Brian and Sunny Colucci.  Go here for a preview of that duo.

Below, though, get your very first look at Scene 1 of this impressively looking and cast series. Prepare for the Ex_Machina onslaught by joining MEN for just $20/month forever.

*Here meaning low-key or somber, not as in “that’s good”.


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