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Did the Loss of Griffin Barrows Rip Out ChaosMen’s Heart?

a-pjp-ronan-chaosChaosMen has had a rough last few months with a string of forgettable, not-very-attractive guys.b-pjp-ronan-chaos All of it dovetailed with the loss of Griffin (Barrows), now on to bigger and better things. c-pjp-ronan-chaosIt’s almost as if Griffin’s loss ripped out the site’s heart (or at least its sense of direction).

Today’s newbie, Ronan, a beefy, tatted hunk in the mode of Colby Jansen, is a step in a much better direction. Rugged, muscular and just plain sexy, he’s a top notch addition to the site. And luckily, we will see more of him.

Jump on in with Ronan by joining ChaosMen for three months at $49.95, $20 off the regular rate.


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  1. Zane McGuire says:

    He looks good but that was a baaaaaaaad solo.

    Agreed that the rose is off the chaosmen bloom, although Griffin never was their star. They started to go downhill once they lost Solomon Aspen.

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