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HOTT Man #242: Eliad Cohen (אליעד כהן), Gay World Ambassador

A-pjp-eliad-cohen-HOTTSince he became the face of Spartacus in 2011-12, 27 year old Israeli muscle hunk Eliad Cohen (אליעד כהן) as been on the world gaydar screen.
B-pjp-eliad-cohen-HOTTIt’s pretty easy to see why.
C-pjp-eliad-cohen-HOTTThis big, brawny and hairy guy has also earned his Israeli patriotic stripes by serving three years in combat in the Israeli Defense Forces.
D-pjp-eliad-cohen-HOTTIn 2011, Cohen founded, an international gay travel agency even as he continued his modeling career and also became a party promoter.

His rise and continued prominence as a model and gay man about the world is notable because he doesn’t fit the gaybot mode of bland, WASPY-looking, smoothly-shaved models. He’s hairy, he’s from the Middle East, he’s . . . Well, let’s let him say it:

“I’m the Israeli man who is rough around the edges, who served in the army and doesn’t shave his chest hair,” he says with a smile, “And I don’t think too much of myself — for me, that’s a real turn-off.”

Meet – or get re-acquainted with – Israeli military vet turned promoter Eliad Cohen, our HOTT Man #242.


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