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What a Drag

A-pjp-connor-colby-DMH-MENWhat the Boys Dragged In from features Colby Keller (above right) and Connor Maguire. 
B-pjp-connor-colby-DMH-MENWith two big, big stars together, you would expect plot to take a backseat and the action to drive everything.
C-pjp-connor-colby-DMH-MENAnd that’s where you’d be wrong, if the clip for this scene is an accurate portrayal of what goes on.

You see, Colby Keller sucks the dick of drag queen Bianca Del Rio at the start, in a moment that’s meant to “lighten the mood”. (Translation: It’s a PR stunt by a production team that long ago ran out of ideas.) Instead, it comes off as a fuck you to fans who just want to see Colby and Connor have sex under the guise of having a sense of humor.  That way, when people complain – as they have – you can turn around and say, huffily: “See, I told you! No sense of humor.”

Indeed, here’s what how the film’s director, Marc MacNamara, responded on Twitter to complaints about the scene:

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 3.14.52 PM

You see what he did there? It’s all your fault.

If I decide it’s worth your time, I’ll let you know what I think of the sex part of the scene once it debuts later today.


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