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‘Sweatpants’ Star Will Braun Debuts on

AA-pjp-will-braun-DMH-MENFormer GuysinSweatpants star Will Braun (above) makes his debut today in this new scene with Jimmy Fanz.B-pjp-will-braun-DMH-MENWith nerd glasses in tow, of course, because: HOT!C-pjp-will-braun-DMH-MENIn the clip, we get to see the behind-the-scenes “pre-show” (if you will) as MEN director Marc McNamara welcomes Will to the shoot, then introduces him to co-star Jimmy after his underwear fitting.

Will looks like a solid addition to MEN from what I can see in the clip. I will add comments later as necessary once the scene is up later Friday.

MEN is just $20 for GDHN readers. No shitting you!



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