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Kit Harington Gets Wet


Game of Thrones hottie Kit Harington is facing a lot of inclement weather these days.

First, there was this trailer for the movie Pompeii where he gets pelted with volcanic ash, which of course he managed to make look fantastically sexy.

Screen-Shot-2013-09-07-at-3.23.11-PMNow, he has been drenched in water during a photo shoot for the British magazine Wonderland.  Luckily, filmmaker Sharna Osborne was there to capture it all on video.

The result is a slick, moody set piece that is as sexual as it can be while keeping him fully clothed. (Watch especially for the shot of his rain-soaked nipples popping up through his white t-shirt.)

And if there’s anyone who can pull off moody and sexy, it’s Kit.

Pop over for this dark, drippy video.

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