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Bo Dean

This was a rough one to shoot for two reasons.

First is the very obvious height difference between Bo and Dakota. I’m usually pretty good at shooting Bo and his partners from angles that make him look bigger. When you’ve got a guy as small as Bo (he’s about 5’8″), it can be rough to find partners for him, especially if he’s a top. Bo generally likes smaller guys so pairing him with the 6’3″ Dakota Rivers was a gamble.

They got along well although it took Bo a while to get comfortable with such a tall bottom.

Second problem, of course, is that Dakota is himself a top so bottoming at all is a bit of a challenge for him, let alone for a huge dick and power fucker like Bo.

But instead of trying to smooth it all over and shoot around the height thing, we just let it be what it is. The guys got along great once they got going and Dakota took it like a man. End result is a scene that initially looks like more of a sight gag but ends up being a really hot scene featuring a short bottom and a tall top.

Click Here to see the whole scene at Cocksure Men.

I always sit down with my stars before we shoot, alone and in the privacy of my office (which I gotta say is a really nice and rather Zen place) and talk to them about what we’re about to shoot. I ask questions like “do you prefer to cum while you’re getting fucked?” and “anything you don’t like?”

I’ll find out where their outer limits are. I’ll ask “you’re ok rimming?” and “are you ok getting cum on you? How about in your face?”

I’m not necessarily going to do all those things in the scene but if it happens to go there, I’ll not have to put him on the spot in front of the other performers or crew.

In this scene I asked Kelly “Now…. Exactly how talented of a bottom are you?

He said he liked to bottom.

I said, “OK, but exactly how much punishment can you take? Because I kinda want to have this be one of those ‘Bo Goes Loco’ scenes where we just turn on the jackhammer and watch the bottom take it.

He gulped a bit and said, “well, let’s see just how much I can take” with a bit of a smile.

Bo… He’s a dichotomy of a guy. When you’re hanging out with him, he’s soft-spoken, kind, gentle, sweet. He’s the kind of guy who shows up late to Thanksgiving dinner late because he’s been serving food at the local homeless shelter (no, really).

But when he’s fucking….. well, he’s a fucking machine. He’s mean, he’s hard, he’s merciless.

I told him to let Kelly have it all and decided I’d play referee and jump in if I had to.

Kelly took it like a champ but there were times that I did shout out to Kelly to let me now if he needed a break or needed a glue gun to put his asshole back together after Bo sank that huge, thick dick of his into Kelly balls deep.

Kelly was amazing and Bo.. well, he’s Bo. But the end is that the scene is one of those “Did I Just See That” moments. It’s almost cruel. But Kelly was calling the next day asking if he could come back “once my asshole heals.”

Click Here to see the scene at Cocksure Men.

A bunch of pics from the scene after the jump…

A bit of a change for Cocksure Men… in that this scene wasn’t directed by me. haha.

Jake directed this with Bo Dean and DJ Mann. It’s a pretty fun one and it’s a bit of a joke about the Jake Cruise ranch itself. If you’ve seen many of my Shut Up, Jasun videos that I’ve shot there you’ll see we’ve got a lot of greenery and grass and plants. Which means we have an army of gardeners twice a week to mow the lawn, water the plants and trim the hedges.

Sad part is that we don’t know when they’re going to show up and it’s happened many times that we’ve had to stop shooting for an hour because they show up right in the middle and the sound of the blowers, mowers and trucks drowns out the moaning and groaning from the porn stars.

This was our homage to the sound of landscaping in the 21st century.

And MAN is DJ ever a great bottom.

Click Here to see it at Cocksure Men.


I love Park Wiley. I love Bo.

But together this was like the Power Bottom vs. Power Top cage match. I thought the roof was going to cave in.

Park blew his first load not even knowing he was going to, Bo fucked him so hard he almost fell off the bed and I think we went through a whole box of condoms shooting this. Jake directed this one and I just did second camera. Hoping I get to direct Park myself at some point.

Full scene on Cocksure Men tomorrow.

Check out a whole bunch more pictures after the jump…


New today on Cocksure Men. I swear, Bo just gets hotter every time I see him. And in case you were wondering, he’s also one of the nicest, sweetest and lovable men I’ve met in the industry.

This scene just bursts with electricity. Bo is in top form, Marcus loves every second of the pounding he takes the the two guys got along really well off-camera leading to a great on-camera chemistry. I didn’t work on this scene at all so I hadn’t had a chance to see it until yesterday when the final edit went up on the site. It’s so exciting to be a part of a studio that produces content like this.

See the whole scene at Cocksure Men.


I few weeks ago I posted the out-take pictures from this scene but we’re releasing it on Cocksure Men finally so I wanted to show you some of the “good” pictures. I was given the chance to get as creative with Bo as I wanted to. I shot him in a partially-shady area at the Jake Cruise ranch, later in the day so we had that orange sun on the horizon. I got Bo to oil himself up really thick and we had fun playing with he light and shadows we were creating.

He looks amazing and does a great job showing off every inch of his body. I really am a lucky guy to work with men as hot as Bo on a regular basis.

So here’s more from that set… hope you like…

Check out the whole set and the video at Cocksure Men.


So today while I was shooting a hardcore scene with Bo Dean and a newcomer named Leo Alarcon, I killed two birds with one stone and shot some pictures to promote a play party that the LA Band of Brothers is throwing in December called “The Yard Party.”

I’m pretty stoked by how they turned out.

Here’s some video of me directing “Movers” with Bo Dean and Justin Ryder. Jake Cruise directed the video part but I did the photo stills and blocked the scene. Turned out great. I’m really proud of this one.

The Aftermath. Dak got the snot fucked out of him by Bo but half an hour later, he was still hard and wanted more. “I love to bottom” he said. Not as much as we like watching him bottom… Full movie at Cocksure Men.

Let us know how you like the exclusive video we bring you here at Gay Daily Hot and what you’d like to see next…

My only regret about this scene is that I had nothing to do with it at all. This was shot while I was out of town and I didn’t get to see it until the final edit was done. I was kinda jealous, because Jake did an excellent job directing this scene. Part of our Cocksure Men theme of making porn fun to watch again. This is a pretty fun set up. Bo, Dane and Brock are all workout out and the three big, huge, hairy, muscular men get down to some action. We got Bo to grow in his body hair for this scene and it gives him an incredible rough look.

And seeing Bo suck some dick… it’s what porn was invented for.

Download the whole scene here at Cocksure Men.

That’s Bo Dean wearing my chaps. We were shooting a scene called “Appletini” at a bar in Long Beach where a bunch of the bar patrons played.. well.. bar patrons watching Bo fuck Tory Mason. Hey, they were fitting a little loose so i stepped in to tighten them up a bit and show off his stunning ass. It was a lot of fun, but it’s even more fun to wear those chaps knowing that they once held the loins of Bo.

See the whole movie over at Cocksure Men.

We had a great time shooting this scene and it’s FINALLY released today on Cocksure Men.

Download the movie at Cocksure Men…

This was a fun movie to shoot. Aa typical and intentionally cheesy Gay Porn scene for Cocksure Men where the suited guy with the convertible gets fucked by the mechanic. Bobby South plays the cocky guy with the car needing service and Bo Dean plays the mechanic with the tool he wants to use.

We laughed a lot at how silly the whole thing was… Shooting a porn scene in the controlled studio with properly placed lighting and a bed with comfortable places to fuck is a breeze compared to the garage we used. Finding positions for the guys to fuck in wasn’t easy and finding ways to light them and shoot them so viewers can actually see the action… that was rough. Bobby had done some crazy stuff before (does anyone remember the solo video I directed starring him and all the ass toys?) but Bo was very new to guy/guy action.

It was a bit cold in the studio and more so on the floor.

The convertible was played by my 15 year-old Mazda Miata. Bo fucked Bobby so hard that my trunk was permanently dented (I donated the car a month later to a homeless shelter for gay teenagers) and I was in a hurry so I left the dried cum on the bumper as I drove home.

OH.. and although you can’t see it much in the final movie (which comes out on Cocksure Men July 3rd), I went to Auto Zone and bought every product I could find with a vaguely sexual name. I’ll have some VERY funny behind the scenes video for you soon, but I figured I’d let you see what we’d done.

One final tidbit… this scene is part 1 in a three-part mechanic movie which will get rolled out on Cocksure Men over the next month or two… enjoy.

We just can’t get enough of Bo Dean and this time he’s actually reciting lines and playing a part in a bonerfide gay porn scene. Cocksure Men has cast Bo and Giovanni Summers together in “The Gay Coach” which is a sort of homage to the silly gay porn scenarios of the 80s. Bo and Giovanni sure have a good time hamming it up with intentionally silly dialogue and a campy gay porn set up about a gay track athlete needing a little help from the school’s sports injury specialist.

Bo’s very soft-spoken demeanor hides his “fuck like a beast” interior and we get the feeling that Giovanni didn’t know what he was in for when he came to see what kind of action he could get from Bo. Bo, always a gentleman, not only fucks him hard, sucks him hard and kisses like a mad man, he’s also kind enough to always give the reach around, too.

Check out Cocksure Men for the whole movie (and a whole bunch more featuring Bo Dean) and take a look at a bunch more pics after the jump.

We’ve shown you the out takes and behind the scenes, but now we can show you the photos from the scene. Bo Dean in his first-ever gay scene is so hot and the fucking he gives Dak Ramsey is amazing. Check the whole movie out on Cocksure Men.

We’ve shown you the out takes and behind the scenes, but now we can show you the photos from the scene. Bo Dean in his first-ever gay scene is so hot and the fucking he gives Dak Ramsey is amazing. Check the whole movie out on Cocksure Men.

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