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Porn Stars

What a handsome guy he is, but more than that he’s a really great guy who does a lot of good work for the gay and lesbian community in San Francisco.

And yeah… he’s involved in a couple of projects that I can’t WAIT to tell you about but I can’t say anything just yet…

I’m a big fan of his work and always love when we get to just hang around and talk. Sadly, we only see each other at industry things lately so I went out of my way to make sure I could get some time to talk with him about his work, his new movie and get some pointers from one of my idols and role models.

Check out trailers and galleries from his new movie “Tales Of Arabian Nights” here.

I get the chance to sit down and chat with Collin about his work shooting some of the hottest men from all over the world fucking and sucking in some of the hottest action going.

Click Here to check out his site at Collin O’Neil’s World Of Men.

He’s hot, he’s handsome, he’s a really cool guy who’s got a fetish for sports gear. I sat down while I was at the Phoenix Forum so we could get to know the one and only Jeremy Hall a bit better.

Jeremy’s site is my ultimate gay jock fantasy bringing together athletes, sports gear, hot men, hot action and a very “old college try” attitude. (but don’t tell me it’s out of focus… that camera I was using was having trouble with the focus for some reason. Go figure)

Click Here to check out his site Club Jeremy Hall

I guess today is Nick Moretti day here at Gay Daily Hot.

I did a post about his scene on Men Over 30 here…

Really cool guy… handsome, funny, likable. Just the kind of guy I’d like to hang out with. A great performer and a great guy. Click Here to check out his blog.

I had SUCH a great time meeting him.. what a hunk.

Back in the early 90s, while on vacation in America (I didn’t live here yet), I picked up a few porn movies on VHS. A couple Kristen Björn movies, a piece of drivel called “Oklahomo!” and something that looked kinda fun called “First Time Tryers.” The quality was low… very low. Bad lighting, awful sound and strange action that looked more like they just put a few gay guys into a room, turned the camera on and let them fuck.

One of those guys was Dean Phoenix. I’ve watched his career for a long time. He’s gone from hot young man to seasoned porn star to former porn star who shows up at the Gay VNs so we can all swoon and now back to performing. He’s become a very hot man of 38 and although he’s grown up and become older, he still has that same slightly crooked, intoxicating smile.

Suggested Wanking List…Buckleroos I and Buckleroos II(where he bottoms for the first time), On Fire, Crew and the amazing, award-winning Out Of Athens II.

You can watch a bunch of Dean’s movies here.

OK, so here’s the rest of the story. I almost didn’t ever post this interview. I had been in a motorcycle accident a few months before and I hadn’t yet been given the go-ahead to start swimming or even putting any weight on my arm. Therefore I hadn’t been working out and I’d put on a lot of weight. Yes, I’m being totally vain and it’s not all about me. Meh. I’m allowed one stupid decision per week. I also hated the lighting. We were shooting on a sound stage I’ve shot on many times and there should have been enough light… it looked just fine on my preview screen, but the result is flat and muted. I’ve done a lot of colour correction to it and it still looks like a water colour painting. Anyway.. Dean still looks great and he says some brilliant stuff. I couldn’t keep it to myself so here it is, a few months late.

Tory and Lance had just shot their second scene together and they were just about to go out on their first date.. Lance was (kinda) patiently waiting for Tory while we had a little chat…

And yes…. I look like I haven’t slept in a week and needed a shave. Not far from the truth. Sue, me… that porn doesn’t make itself.

Park Wiley is one of my favorite porn stars ever. I was a bit of a fan boy but I managed to keep my cool. Such a handsome, cool guy. Loved him. It’s also nice to finally get to meet someone that you’ve been a fan of for a long time and find out they’re just as cool as you’d hoped. Check out Park at Cocksure Men or at Falcon.

It’s been a while since I posted video from my trip to the porn convention. Had a great time… laughed a lot, made some new friends, got some porn, chatted with some porn stars and got some swag. I got a chance to Meet Tommy D, Cody Cummings and the Visconti Triplets. Enjoy…

I get to chat with the Visconti Triplets. Very nice guys… just too much hotness for one body (The interpreter was hot too). Let me know what you think about the new interview videos and candid shots. We’re hoping to bring you a lot more…
Check out the Vistonit Triplets Site here..

While I was in Phoenix I had the chance to have a talk with Cody Cummings. Handsome, friendly and very thoughtful about his porn career, Cody tells us all about his site Cody Cummings and his life as a straight man who makes gay porn.

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