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Sucking A Married Man

Sucking A Married Man »

From his tattooed arms and chest, to his thick throbbing cock, every ounce of Rocco is rock hard. - Read more...

Glazing Addison

Glazing Addison »

Sometimes, you just want to kickback and get a big, thick load blown in your mouth like

Cum Again?

Cum Again? »

“Who Loves Cum? – Part 1” featured 40 cum shots.

“Part 2” featured 42 cum shots!

Here’s the newest edition of

Aaron’s Two Cock Facial

Aaron’s Two Cock Facial »

Aaron French is the scruffy dude who loves to suck dick as much as me.

He’s got that Midwestern Bad

Seth Chase Sucks

Seth Chase Sucks »

Alexander King is a super hot 22 year-old with nice big dick. And Seth wanted that dick. No

Sucking Straight Guy Ethan Ever. WOULD I ever….

Sucking Straight Guy Ethan Ever. WOULD I ever…. »

Yeah… I’m very proud of my love of cock sucking.

And although it’s a LOT of fun to

Forest Facial

Forest Facial »

Been a bit to long time I had some fun checking out Suck Off Guys. Glad I did. That

Best of Walker Michaels.

Best of Walker Michaels. »

He’s still

Quinn Blackwood Swallows a Huge Load

Quinn Blackwood Swallows a Huge Load »

Jasun usually writes about Seth Chase’s exploits at, but I saw these pix of

The Mountains Suck

The Mountains Suck »

Seth Chase and Aaron French went on a Spring hike the other day to look for wildlife. So

Evan Parks gets Fucked.

Evan Parks gets Fucked. »

Evan normally prefers to top than to bottom. In the interview he tells Aaron that he rarely gets

Sucking Off Chad Hanson

Sucking Off Chad Hanson »

I can’t say it enough.

I love sucking dick. More than fucking.

So Suck Off Guys has been one

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