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 My name is Jasun Mark. I’m your typical AV freak who takes his video camera everywhere he goes, shoots it all and keeps a huge video diary of everything. Think of me as a digital gay pack rat. With lots of tattoos.

Gay Daily Hot is my own personal Gay Porn Blog about my life, experiences and fun making gay porn.

For a boy who grew up in rural Atlantic Canada, working as a porn director under the hot California sun is a dream come true. I never forget how lucky I am to have a job that allows me to make stuff, create and yeah… see hot men naked.

I also love to share my twisted experiences working in the porn industry, find fucked up video, pictures and stories, talk to gay porn stars, do things I normally wouldn’t do and post it all here.

Wanna see something, ask something or tell me something? Drop me an email at

Oh.. a word of warning… don’t take anything I say here too seriously. Porn and gossip and celebrity scandals are fun. But just because I call your favorite pop star a “skank” or a “trashtastic whore” doesn’t mean I don’t also have her album. Just because I give my two-bit opinion doesn’t make it fact. GDH is my own little rant space but PLEASE don’t go saying “this and that because Jasun say that the way it happened.”

This message has been brought to you by my poor lawyer who’s tired of hearing from you.

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