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Gay. Daily. NOT. Here are the Uncensored Dick Pics of London Ex-Deputy Mayor Richard Barnes. Sorry.


Why I’m posting this?  I do not know.

But since we’ve had plenty of famous British political, athletic and royal figures accidentally showing us the goods… it makes sense that anyone wanting to rubber neck and see some famous peen is going to come here first.

So… the story is that the conservative ex-deputy mayor accidentally uploaded a bunch of dick selfies to his Facebook page. Seems he forgot to disable the “automatically upload every picture taken” and when he was presumably sending some wang shots for fun to a friend… (like you haven’t… don’t judge)… he unintentionally showed the world the [insert clever british name for dick].

For the record… it’s not such a bad dick. It’s a nice size… thick… uncut. Sadly, he himself isn’t really daddy material, but everyone is someone’s type.

Check the uncensored pictures after the jump. Don’t say we didn’t warn you they’re not usual Gay Daily Hot News fare. And who you think the Private Message was for?


Comments (4)

  1. franklin says:

    that’s it, I’m no longer gay. thanks, Jasun.

  2. carlos says:

    do you have the others pics ?? or where can i find them ? or if u have it can u send2me via email ? have been looking 4it 4hours.. its quiet nice cock … my kind of man …

  3. matt says:

    Looks pretty nasty to me…growing old is gonna be a bitch

  4. Giulio says:

    I believe he suffers from dicky-do. When you cant see your dick cause your fat ass belly hangs out farther than your dicky-do.

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