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Office Politics Becomes Sexual As Pierce Paris Fucks Damon Heart

Pierce Paris has a heart. As in Damon Heart. Before it’s over, Damon has Pierce as well. But when all is said and done, who really comes out on top?

Things get more sinister, and kinkier, in the latest from “Breaking Mr. Hart”, the gay porn XXX version of “9 To 5”, a D.P. Wells film in association with Golden Age Films and presented by NakedSword.

First, Max Adonis got tricked into getting dicked by that ass hole boss, Mr. Hart.

Last time, Falcon Studios Group exclusive Woody Fox, another unlucky employee of Mr. Hart, busted two loads with husband Remy Cruze as he tried to escape the upheaval at the office.

Today, Pierce Paris meets up with Mr. Hart’s assistant, Damon Heart, and finds out Damon has plenty of sperm but no heart at all.

pierce paris damon heart flipfuck gay porn“Jake (Pierce Paris) now tells his tale. Greeted at the boss’ house by his hot assistant Darren (Damon Heart) already naked in the bath, their sexual tension leads them into the shower and Jake’s massive cock into Darren’s hole. They move to the bed and Darren returns the favor sliding his meaty uncut shaft into Jakes’s hole. Then they get kinky and trade off with blindfolds and bigger and bigger sex toys until the biggest surprise of all cums at the end.”

pierce paris damon heart flipfuck gay pornAfter a suction cup mounted Fleshjack enable a train fuck of sorts in the shower where Jake is the fucker, onto the bedroom where Darren does the pounding.

pierce paris damon heart flipfuck gay pornWhen Darren hauled out the blindfold and sex toys, he was eager to go back to bottom duties. Maybe a little too eager.

pierce paris damon heart flipfuck gay pornThe toy collection grew right along with the size of the dildos. Even blindfolded and lost in the sensation of blowing his load, Jake couldn’t help escape the feeling he was being watched. And when he discovered he was right, he couldn’t escape fast enough. But who is that third man and what the hell does have to do with Mr. Hart? Stay tuned – it’s not 5 o’clock yet.


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