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Bend It Like Beckham

Absence makes the hard grow fonder. After almost a year and a half away from the blue screen, Bruce Beckhman is back and on the business end of Justin’s Brody’s big dick.

When The Sword ran “20 Questions With Bruce Beckham” back in May of 2015, he was about to make his return to gay porn after an eight-year hiatus.

He quickly shot to the top of the heap before taking a mercifully much shorter sabbatical that that began last November and has now officially come to a close in this second scene from “The Slutty Professor” from NakedSword Originals.

We last saw sexy Justin Brody in “Berkeley 2: Sophomore Year” this spring. He is a site for sore eyes and by the time he finishes with Bruce today, it’s not Bruce’s eyes that were sore.

justin brody fucks bruce beckham gay porn“Fumbling Professor Kelp (Ace Era) is becoming increasingly unpopular with his students, except for equally nerdy Justin Brody. As the sexual tension between them builds, Professor Studly (Bruce Beckham) bursts into the classroom and Kelp is called to the Dean’s office. Studly informs Justin that Kelp is in danger of losing his job but promises to put in a good word for him, if Justin cooperates.

justin brody fucks bruce beckham gay pornStudly undresses Justin and goes down on him like he’s earning a Ph.D. in cock sucking. He edges Justin with his hot wet mouth, but that’s not the hole he wants filled. The hot professor bends over the desk and Justin shoves his dick inside, fucking him deep all over the classroom. The sucking and fucking continues until both men are hot, sweaty, and spent.”

justin brody fucks bruce beckham gay pornNo wonder they there’s “a sucker born every minute” with mouthwatering poles like these.

justin brody fucks bruce beckham gay pornWith both of them dripping in lust and sweat, Bruce bends over the desk and Justin makes a beeline inside those muscled glutes.

justin brody fucks bruce beckham gay pornBruce stands up, pulls Justin to the edge of the desk and mounts Justin’s tower of a dick and starts riding like he never wants to get off.

justin brody fucks bruce beckham gay pornNever wants to get off that dick that is. As for getting off the other way, with Justin fucking up into him, Bruce spurts out a heavy, deeply load all over Justin’s heaving abs. Justin’s load finds a new home on Bruce’s tongue. And that tongue finds its way right back into Justin’s mouth.

[Watch Bruce & Justin in “The Slutty Professor” scene two at]


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