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JJ Knight Obliterates Danny Montero With A Massive Facial

JJ tormented “The Slutty Professor” with his oversized dong but once Danny Montero got a look at that donkey dick, he needed it all to himself.

We took a sneak peek of “The Slutty Professor” yesterday, the latest film from NakedSword Originals.

The way “Paris Perfect” infused a sex-driven movie with elements of a French farce, “The Slutty Professor” is fucking first also. But this time, the hilarity is 100% homegrown.

With Ace Era in the title role, we learn something from the first frame. We knew Ace could fuck like a champion. Now we also learned he can act too.

jj knight fucks danny montero gay pornJJ Knight dusts off his inner bad boy we last saw in “Greasers” for the modern day while the allure of his fabled ten inches remains timeless. His partner in crime today is Danny Montero. Danny is effortlessly sexy. Perennially fuckable. And if you’re looking for a summer crush, look no further.

jj knight fucks danny montero gay porn“After an unsuccessful class field trip to his favorite tree, nerdy Professor Kelp (Ace Era) runs into jocks JJ Knight and Danny Montero in the locker room. They torment the nervous brainiac with sexual advances and tie him up, but he escapes, leaving the studs to finish what they started.”

jj knight fucks danny montero gay pornJJ kicks back on the locker room bench with his giant baseball bat-size cock in the air. Danny goes down on him, swallowing his cock jj knight fucks danny montero gay pornYou know it’s perfect casting when both men are in a palpable state of mutual sexual bliss.

jj knight fucks danny montero gay pornAnd while Danny’s throat seemed to be tailor-made for JJ’s dick, the same can be said for his other hole.

jj knight fucks danny montero gay pornDoggie to riding then missionary for the home stretch. JJ pummels a fat load out of Danny. He then drops down, licks up his swimmers, cleans off Danny’s cock and snowballs it all back. Now, towering over Danny, JJ lets a cum geyser rip. What doesn’t fly over Danny’s head or hits him the in eye goes right down his throat.

“The Slutty Professor” has a lot of catching up to do to catch up to these two. Watch this blog.

[Watch Danny & JJ in “The Slutty Professor” scene one at]


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